Rightsourcing is selecting the best way to procure a service and deciding whether a company is best served by performing a business requirement in-house (insourcing) or contracting it out to a third-part service provider (outsourcing). Rightsourcing literally means "choosing the correct source."

CSI SingleSource providesyou the option of premium coverage when and where your business needs technical assistance. CSI SingleSource custom packages are designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses. These packages include computer support complete with ongoing hardware and software assistance, network maintenance, network security management, help desk support and more.

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CSI custom designs a virtual infrastructure from the ground up for each client. Our certified staff will meet with you and gather your business and functionality requirements before we ever try to design the solution. With many different Virtual Technologies available today CSI will provide you with a design to meet your needs and fit in your budget.

A properly designed and implemented Virtualization environment from CSI can provide an ROI in as little as 6 months. Save on power consumption, cooling costs and hardware replacement.

Contact us today and find out how CSI can save you money with Virtualization and give you peace of mind.

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As IT systems have become increasingly critical to the smooth operation of a company, and arguably the economy as a whole, the importance of ensuring the continued operation of those systems, and their rapid recovery, has increased.

"40% of all companies that experience a major disaster will go out of business if they cannot gain access to their data within 24 hours." -Gartner

"43% of companies experiencing disasters never re-open and 29% close within two years." -McGladrey and Pullen

"93% of businesses that lost their datacenter for 10 days went bankrupt within one year." -National Archives & Records Administration

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